Will move to a Default Corp
Can fy!..

Stealth Bomber



Skill Points 12,872,039
Unallocated SP 64,686

And many useful SP

5 bil

Keep going! :slight_smile:

I want at least the teens on this one or hes a SP farm. :frowning:

You forgot skill extractors.

But extractors turn into injectors rite?

Shouldn’t it just be the Total cost of extractors then that’s ruffly 28 extractors Then that 12B so i’m close!

And you can only extract down to 5 mil. so 14-5=9 mil sp extractable.
9000000/500000= 18 Extractors required
18 x 400000000=7.2Bil Extractor Cost
18 x 850000000=15.3 Injector Sell Price
15.3-7.2=8.1 bil If you extract yourself.

That explains it … Going price in Jita for an Extractor is 424,996,000.00 Injector is 872,779,000.00

9336725/500000= 18.67 19 Estimated.
16.5-8= (8.5) + 2B Transfer (( 10.5 )) Mommy says I can only take 9 lowest.

Daily Bump … Still for sale!

I thought you can bring them all the way down to what they started with…600,00 Aprox… Just cant do it until they are past 5Mil.

I’m on hold! Retracting … Maybe ill be back!

Tell you what. If my one other offer stays unanswered, let’s give you a nice round number 13 b B/o?
Tomorrow same time i will confirm yey or ney.

Sold 13B … Let me know Asap, ill just pop him to high sec and get the ball rolling.

Sadly i have to pass. Gl anyway.

No problem … I appreciate any donation for the recant! I had to travel 50,000,000,000 AU to get here. Now I need gas to get back home.

This is incorrect, the lowest you can extract any pilot is 5m sp. And you can’t start extracting until after 5m sp because thats the lowest you can extract to.


I’ll bid 8 billion if character is still available.

Sounds like a deal. Look him over and send the isk ill initiate the transfer after i receive the iskies, I can do it rite now…