17.6mil SP Exhumer Pilot

EveSkillboard - Varonis

17.6mil SP Exhumer Pilot
Positive Wallet
No killrights
No Jump clones
Pilot is in Amarr

Most reprocessing skills trained to IV for T2 crystals. Solid drone and shield skills. Almost all of the “magic 14” trained already. See skillboard for more details.

15B or best reasonable offer.

I’d do 7.5b, 15b seems ridiculous to me. Have a good day.

I’m going based on (actually below) the value of the injectors that would be required to inject that many skill points as does literally everybody else in this forum within reason. Aside from a few caldari skills, the skills are highly specialized and focused on mining, this is not just your typical bare minimum exhumer pilot. Like I said, I’d consider reasonable offers, but 7.5bil is a bit low, you could extract all the points and make twice that, just selling the injectors.

I’m a little confused on how you could make 15b with extracting, I may be messing up math somewhere (very possible), but I just don’t see how that would work. (Totally understand rejecting the offer btw)

Look on eveskillboard… it says 25 extractable injectors, just multiply that by the market price of injectors. Obviously youd have to subtract the cost of injectors, but you’d still make like 11-12bil profit, buying this account at 7bil and extracting everything to sell injectors.

Extractors cost money to, but I see your point.

11-12b is just untrue, I did some math and anyone who tells you they could extract this character for more than 9b is lying. You can only extract a character down to 5m skill points I believe. Nevertheless, I hope this character finds a good home, and have a great day.

Look at the ? thing on the the extractable injectors thing in eveskillboard. Its already subtracting the 5mil sp from the total. the 25 injectors is ACTUAL extractable injectors. I mean all good if youre not interested. I just wanted to clear up any confusion with regards to the price.

Granted… I have never actually tried to extract that much from a toon to test what eveSkillBoard is saying lol! However, I would rather extract all the injectors myself and sell them than take a loss like that. I just thought somebody else could benefit more from such a highly skilled mining pilot.

Alright maybe I’m just bad at math (again very possible), but here is the math I have:

358m max profit per injector/extractor:

.358*25 = 8.95b

Ehh yea, I think you can find extractors cheaper than that if you shop around. But I’m not arguing with your math there, and if you were buying it to extract, obviously you’d have to consider that. However if you consider simply what it would cost to train a pilot up this much, you’re looking at spending over 15bil, hence the price.

A lot of people will post stuff with random skills and demand the full price of the injectors, but this toon is highly focused. MOST of the skill points benefit mining directly, there is very little wasted skills points. But like I said, I am willing to negotiate for those that are interested otherwise.

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Hope the pilot finds a good home, and I agree this is a great toon for mining, thanks for your time!

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Bump :slight_smile:

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Bump. Price reduced to 12bil.

ill offer 9.2bil

This is a mistake that a lot of people make. Youre confusing Value with Cost.

Yes, a 2008 Honda Civic is sold for 1000 dollars today, and thats its value. But the Cost to make it far outweighs that, and if you were to try and build a 2008 honda civic with brand new parts, it will probably cost you 20, 30 grand.

The value of your toon is only the extractable skills plus a small premium for some skills that take longer to train that are trained to 5, as well as the cost of the skillbooks.

But if youre considering how long it takes to get 18 million SP, then youre looking at it wrong, and you cant base your value off of how many injectors it would cost to get you to where your toon is at.

Youll have to bring the price down to a more reasonable amount. Literally 9-10 bill is probably more than enough.

I am not trying to be argumentative. But its not as though there is a guide for how to value your accounts in the character bazaar, more often than not people are basing the prices of their accounts on “extractable injectors” as per eveskillboard which already accounts for the 5mil SP minimum. And that is exactly what I based that initial price on. I acknowledge perhaps 15 bil might be asking a bit much all things considered, but even based on what you said, the value seems like it would still be close to that. That said, I would be interested in seeing how you personally would break down it down to a 9-10 bil valuation.

Make it 10bil and you got a deal.

I offer 7 bil

Again, the general accepted practice for a while is to caluclate based on how much you could make if you extracted the skillpoints and sold them, plus a small premium for the cost of the skillbooks, especially expensive ones like Capital Ships or Titans, and a small premium on how many skills are to 5 that require long times to queue for.

At the current Jita prices for skill extractors (around 250 mill) and Injectors (600 mill), you get around 350 mill per extractor.

Times that by 25, you get 8.7 bill. Adding a small premium because of some of your skills being 5 but not a lot and not very long ones, and yeah, 9-10 bill is about fair.


I must admit, i did forget about transfer fees, i think you can only do cash now, right. No more plex? I think you can tag on 1-2 billion isk for that. I think thats fair. Unless buyer pays transfer fees, i dont know if that even works though.

Just brought another toon with more sp so will have to lower my offer to 9.5bil