Not for sale anymore

So, I do not have time for multiple characters.

No killrights, positive wallet.
Sitting in Jita 4-4 in a stiletto.

Next remap in 8 months.

B/O 12bil ISK, listening to offers tho’
Fast deal preferred.

5.5b offer

6.5 bil

6.6b offer

7 bil

Please, a little better offers since I can buy extractors for 45€ and make more than current offers…

then do that, go buy extractors… you’ll see how much work that takes babysitting market order. try for yourself :slight_smile:

Stay to topic, please :slight_smile:

i simply responded to the subject you started first. perhaps you should stay on topic then :slight_smile:

Mate, not like I haven’t kept market pvp going on, not looking to get even, but extractable skillpoint atm would sit around 9,5bil, more in nullsec for lazy duders…

So 7 ain’t really getting a deal

if you show me the math how you end up with 9.5bil for extracting skillpoint, i will gladly pay you 10bil for the pilot. show me the math… i promise you i will buy it for 10bil if you can.


1 extractor is 500k SP
I am at 14mil, which gives me 9mil to extact. 9mil in skill injectors is 18pcs.
1 Large skill extractor is roughly 780mil ISK atm in Perimeter.

As said, extractor will be bought from EVE store, not with ISK nor PLEX.
Money needed for this is 90€

So no, not with the same real money/ISK value, if say, I sell for 10bil.

If I pay them extractors with ISK.
Math gives me 8,3bil.

Also would continue to farm.

you just corrected yourself that you cannot net a profit of 9.5bil if you extract. Also, you might want to state that your pilot has 14mil SP and not 13mil SP. that makes a difference when it comes to how much people will bid.

To be exact, at current market price for PLEX and Skill Injector, you will be able to net a profit of 7.1 bil for a 13mil SP (and that is after sales tax and broker fees subtracted).

you should leave market pvp to the PROs and focus on the topic at hand (selling your toon) :slight_smile:

sorry, 13 not 14.

As I stated in my first post about the profit, it included me buying extractors with real money.

nothing is free, buddy. even if you pay real money for it, that can easily be converted into ISK with PLEX ISK/real $$ price ratio. so to summarize this market pvp match, +1 for me -1 for you :slight_smile: you lost and consider my offer retracted

Point is, I have no time for this toon.
Rather to strip it clean of SP, rather have a good home.

Main could use the ISK, but not gonna let it go cheap just to get quick ISK.
Basic skills in good shape, specialization quite fast (depends on what you wanna do).

But yeah, maybe my calculations were a bit optimistic, but however mainpoint ain’t about making the ISKies.

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