Price Check - 6.8 mil SP Minmatar PVP Pilot

I created this character about 9 or so years ago, in the days of medical clones when my main dying in faction warfare led to a 29 mil isk medical bill…

He is now very much due to the new order of things supernumery and I have no use for him - can any of you good people give me a price check please?

Has x 4 standard augmentations and 1 x limited (social).

Thanks :wink: in advance

Can buy instantly for 1.5B ISK

extract 3 injectors from him and sell them, you should get just over 1b isk profit. If you have him on a omega account then train up that cybernetics skill to lvl 5 and you should be able to sell him for 4-5b. In his current state the most you get is 3.5b maybe, it will cost extra for the buyer to repurpose him and don’t waste those remaps.

I hope my not so professional advise helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ha many thanks I think ill try this route thanks!

What do you mean by injectors by the way - I’ve just cleaned the dust of my eve account after a long, long lay off :slight_smile:

You can buy ‘Skill Extractor’ from market which you can use to extract 500k skillpoints from your character. You need minimum of 5.5m skill points, anything above that can be extracted in batches of 500k. You will end up with a ‘Large Skill Injector’ which you can use on another toon or sell for profit.

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Nice many thanks :slight_smile:

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