(price check) on 9.2m SP character

This pulot, an Amarrian Pilot with some good standings with npc corps. Depending on price, I may sell straight away or hold off for a bit.

Positive wallet
DOB: 05/05/2014
Current SP: 9,238,270
Unallocated SP: 250,000
Currently in jita
Jumpclone: 1 in Ibura IX
1 yearly remap
2 bonus remaps
Security status: 1.91
Extractable injectors: 8


Thank you.


Dont look for anything more than flat extraction price.

So by that, say average skill injector price, 8x750m (approx) 6b atleast, yeah I thought so! Thanks mate.

Still wanting to sell :+1:

Quick maffs

Lets keep professional
750-300(extractor price)-taxes = approx 400mil per 500k sp.
400*8=my offer +100

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