Price check rorq pilot

Hi could I get a price check on this character please

Password - 1234

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I can offer 20b

I can pull the skills out and make twice that amount.

You can make 40b from 26mil char? Then do that.

that’s why I’m hear to get a price check mate.

you can only extract 21m SP from that character as it doesn’t let you go below 5m SP when extracting, so 21m SP = 42 injectors worth, which is about 32.7B jita price, but you also have to pay for 42 extractors to do that which is 14.2B jita price

This means if wanted to skill extract and sell for injector price, you would be getting 18.5B worth

So any bids 20b and upwards is a fair price.


  • G.Huxlee
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Nice one mate thanks for the info. I’ve never sold anything like this before so I have no clue.


1 more bil and shes yours

22 buyout if all CCP rules apply

Offer accepted

I need to move the character to highsec and drop corp.

I won’t be able to save the training pod as its locked in citadel.

Give me an hour I will have everything sorted and all ccp rules will be met.

In a hour will send isk and account details.


Character is in jita 4 4. There are two remaps and a positive wallet 67mil isk.
Everything has been whipped all messages, bookmarks everything like that.

Corp has been dropped so she is now in a NPC corp.

I’m ready when ever you are mate.

ISKs and account details was sent in game.

Hi mate

Account transferred using details provided.

Thank’s buddy I hope she makes you some iskies :slight_smile:

I have a mex pilot I might be selling. If you’re interested I will give you first refusal?

Please send me mail in game. I might be interested.

I have sent mail,

this is character I’m selling.

Does the sale continue, or is the character already sold? otherwise, offer 22.5B

Character was sold, transfer completed.

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