PC for my Character 44mil SP

link to SkillQ:

Please have a ganders, skills are a bit over the place but there are some solid commandship and missile skills in there.

how much could I reasonably expect?

If i get a sucessful offer would leaving my assests (ships modules) be ok or cause an issue?

Would you take 20B?

I was just trying to get a rough idea of how much I should sell it for, 20B seems a bit low, is it due to the SP allocation?

I’m not the best at accurately giving a price, but Skill Injector sale - cost of skill extractors = ?. But I thought I’d put an offer in for you to start with. :grinning:

Respect that answer m8, to be honest I forgot about the whole skill extractor thing, let me run some numbers and I will message you directly after if i decide to get rid of this character.

No worries Sanjaya!

^^ sorry thats Cicada

I would be purchasing to helldump account