Hello, i want to buy charakters to extract them. In total i want to buy 47,5m extractable Skill points (100 Skill Extractors).

You can sell multiple Character or just one. I don´t mind. Keep in mind the 5m bracket for Extraction.
You don´t have to sell the 47,5m on your own. Characters with just partial extractable Skill points of that are accepted as well.

price per million ? as exmple, how are u value a 34m sp character ? i have one not using her.

i pay the price per extractor this means each 500k Skillpoints.
Lets say 320m isk each 500k extractable Skill points?
The easy explaination is that all complete 500k Skill Points above 5mil can be extracted.

Here an example:
E.g. 33,9m Skillpoints are only 57 (last 500k not complete), while above 34m Skill points it would be 58. You need 500k to extract even you have 495k Skill points left.

I explain how to calculate the skillpoints/extractors:
34m - 5mil = 29mil free skillpoints (5mil can not be extracted)
29mil / 500k = 58 extractors (take the Skill points without the 5m and count the full 500k Skill points Packs = Extractors)
58 extractor * 320mil ISK = 18,56b (than multiply with an agreed price)

In total your 34m Skillpoints would be 18,56b (when above 34m Skill points)

You can extract only Skillpoints above 5,5mil and always 500k per Extractor. Here is a partial text from the Tooltip (Skill Extractor):
Skill Extractors may only be used by characters with at least 5,500,000 skill points.

Understand, in my sepecific case i am a Jump freighter V, and is better for me wait a litlle for someone needing that and selling at 21b.


how do you calculate the value of your JF Character?


I value the characters between .66 and 1bm per skill point. The prices in the market are arund that, including the first 5b. Sometimes people sold lwer than 0.66 but not much. If the character have expensive skills can reach to 1.

34b * 0.66 = 22.4b, i think is good price 21b for her. Is lower than the 0.66, but if i publiy her, normally i can get ooffers beginning in 12b, and is a waste of time.

By the way, many peopel not playing much, and we are selling old toons or purchasing very specific. As example i ùrchase her because i needed a JF 5 ark, but with the awful current skill board, is stressng and difficyult sell. I plan sell her but no planning in purchase someone more.

i can get the 21b, i think

21b would be 360mil per 500k. That´s the complete range between a Skill Extractor and a Injector without taxes (buy prices). With Taxes just loss.

We can agree on 20b, as long as the Character has more than 34mil Skillpoints.

btw. Your character link is not working. i can´t check the Character.

link Corrected .

Have a clone with +4 implants, is in high sec, no kill rights, 2 remaps available, i pay the transfer.

Normally the problem with the Skil extraction prices, is NEGATIVE last months. The skill injectors price is low. I can sell for 20.5, but for 20b no

The problem with the OLD skill board is we cant login currently.

low price LSI is relative. The plex price is crazy at the moment even at Discounted Plex. That makes the total price for LSI not looking nicer.
You basically suggest me to sell my extractors and buy LSI.

Mo, i usggest you see realistic,. `

  • no much plex for sell.
  • ni much people want to sell at loss
  • good luck with your business.

ok, i will buy it at 20.5b. I will send you new Account data in Mail

as mentioned in the Mail with the Account Data (ingame) please confirm the selling and I will send the ISK.

i confirm in a moment with the character sent the sk and account name.

Account name is already ingame mail send. Waiting for Character confirmation and will send ISK then

i Accept the tsale , i am not in a corporatiion, i am in high sec, positive wallet, no killrights, i jave a clone with +4, etc.

I am a n JF +5 and stealth bomber pilot.

ISK Sent

isk received, i go yto the bahroom and transfer. i update this message when transfer is done. PLEASE answer the thread when you receive the ccp real world mail, or the character.

i will do when getting the message

Transfer done.

the Character arrived now. Strange i got no Mail. However. Thread can be closed.