Selling Character 66+ Million Skill Points

Selling Christopher Giacomo

Character is ISK positive and not involved in any wars.

Character is in an NPC Corporation and located in High Security space.

Character has 66,379,317 skill points and still going up. Character has 61,379,317 extractable skill points.

I am asking 133,875,000,000 OBO

Once ISK is received I will transfer the character.

Exactly what I am looking for, but something went VERY wrong with your pricing. Nobody will EVER pay even close to that price, I can guarantee you. 61.4M extractable SP are worth at maximum 55B (you need to consider the cost of the extractors and market taxes). At the 134B asking price I can just buy skill injectors on the market and inject as many skillpoints as this character has on ANY character I wish for.

Having said that and since I actually want to use the char, I will offer 58B.

70B is my lowest ill go.

Good luck then, still a price nobody will pay. Check what other characters with similar SP went for.

well, almost people do not care what there are any skins or another things… surely only care about how many extractoble SP there, so you have to consider about the price diff - Large skill injector and skill extractor.
Average diff is - LSI(850m) and skill extractor(420m)
so your toon has about 61mil sp and it could be 122 injectors but also you have to consider the extractor price.
so, (850-420)x 122 would be your toons maximum price, but people do not want to buy at maximum price, i think you would agree too.

People buy characters for above extraction if they want to use them, but its usually only a little above.

People who buy below extraction price are scum who are slowly killing the game.

anyway 133bil for 66m sp toon is not corrective

“The issue when your only tool is a hammer is that you see everything like a nail” - Same thing applies to SP resellers.

Is (850-420)x 122=55bn correct? Almost, you’ll need to subtract tax but let’s say its fine.

The calculation leaves a few things out: The character’s SKINS, implants, LP, standings but for the sake of argument let’s say the character has none of those.

It also conveniently ignores the value of the skill books themselves.

1,280,000 SP in Advanced Drone Avionics costs 0.6m isk for the skill book.
1,280,000 SP in Advanced Information Psychology costs 36m isk for the skill book.
1,280,000 SP in Advanced Spaceship Command costs 50m isk for the skill book.

So yeah, if the only thing you care for is SP as the raw materials for skill injectors you can ignore the value of the skill books.

But what if you actually wanted what this 66m SP character has to offer?

Well, you can train one just like it and assuming you have +5 implants all the way, about 2m SP/mo, it’ll take 33 months. Assuming instant gratification has no value, it’ll cost you 3600 PLEX x 2 for the first two years and 3,300 for the next 9 months for a total of 10,500 PLEX @ 5m/per so 52.5bn isk

What if you really wanted this 66m SP right now? Well you could inject them: The first 5m SP will set you back 8.5bn isk (need 10 injectors at say 850m per). The next 45m SP will set you back another 96bn (need 113 injectors/400k SP each for 850m per). The last 16m SP will need 53 injectors/300k SP each for 850m per, which will cost 45bn. So the total cost will be 149bn isk. So instant gratification costs about 100bn isk, interesting… :slight_smile:

To sum up: the seller can ask for anything from 55bn to 150bn, depending on who the target audience is.

Fly safe.

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Technically everything you write is correct. In the end the seller can ask for any random price anyway. You can also ask for 200B because you think your name is so great, because of your corp history or whatever. But the market reality is that nobody will ever pay the price, which is what every of the posters seems to agree on.
Also nobody ever really needs 100% of the skillpoints, unless you are talking about some super focused titan sitter or something similar. Clearly this is not the case here. So injecting the focused use that I would want for example is surely much less than the 149B.

I will make a final offer at 60B, but will not go higher. This is a very fair price, as it is significantly above extraction value and aligned with the market reality. For example, 69M SP (incl. a titan skillbook and amulet pod which is like 8B by itself) recently sold for 61B: WTS 69m SP Avatar/Revelation/Amarr BS Pilot with Amulet Pod - #5 by Haniball_Lecter

My name IS so great, thanks for noticing !

Yes seller can ask that price
Offers also can reject that price
Nobody will pay 130b to 66m toon,
instead of make a toon using 130b.
In almost situation excluding all skins, skill books and etc are not considered when buy toons.

Finally we can tell to seller that your toons will not be sold cuz your so expensive price
We didnt blame on him, just wanna let him know.

I agree. Offer me a price brother


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