PC 38mil

looking to see how much I’m worth

also if any one could tell me how much I would get if I stripped the sp out buying the extractors with isk

I’m going to assume its Omega (or its a nightmare) and that you find a free SP daily gift to get you to 39m sp as you’re 17k away.

39m - 5.5m = 33.5m extractable.
This would require 67 extractors which at the time of writing would cost 67 * 392 = 26.3b
LSI sell for ~910m each at the moment, this varies, but I will assume that price & that you have 3.6% sales tax & 1.8% brokers fee.

910 * 0.946 = 860m each after taxes.
860 * 67 = 57.6b - cost of extractors = 57.6 - 26.3 = 31.3b

You’d need 66 extractors so initial cost would be in the region of 26b, then youd have to wait to sell 66 injectors, depends on your market skills and such as to what specific margin youd get. Somewhere around the 30b profit margin.

If your sell price is above 32b, it’s more than extractors.

I wrote out this measly response as @Pep_Potts landed just before me ^^

You did a good job all the same :slight_smile:

Starting you off with 32B then

In this website Character Sheet, I found its SP is 45 million right now.
If its SP is 45 million. I offer 38 b.

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