Price check 13 mil sp 1.8 mil unalocated sp

i awant to know if it is worth to sell or i should drain him


thx for the info it has way more worth through draining then

Drain value is about 6,75b so no selling will get you more.

Skil Extractor= 302.000.000x20(because i have 15mil sp) 6.04b
Large Skil Injector=767400000*20(because of 30 extractor)15.7b
total around 9b as i see from the market
edit i forgot about the first 5 mil

On which planet an with what trade skills?

I dare you OP to do exactly as you say and send screenshot of anything over 6.5Billion for that character.

I mean seriously, at least make an effort. LSI’s are 718B on perimeter which is where you need to go if you hope to ever sell them.

Mate you can get it done but you have to get your skill extractors cheaper…and there is a way at this moment… But yeah my offer still stands if you want…

7.6 billion

7.67 billion hes so so ugly I LUV it

7.8 bil

8.5 billion ISK is ready

9b offer

9.5B ISK ready

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