Starter Alt for Sell SP (12,832,689)

Alt in NPC corp.
Alt in Jita.
Alt has a positive wallet.
Alt has no bounties on it.

Total Skillpoints: 12,832,689
Unallocated Skillpoints: 0
Total Skillpoints: 12,832,689

Any B/O in mind?

I offer 5B, isk ready can be trade now. After you reply accept than I will send you 5B isk and account name ingame.

Offer 6b

Yea? I’m not even sure what the alt is worth or how to cal its worth. By large injectors? I’ve been away for so long. Large injectors are worth 956m you could probably get 13 out of this alt plus the cost of me paying to move alt over.

Any ideas?

My last offer is 6.5B

Or you can buy Skill Extractor in store or ingame to turn it to Large injector. Only skill more than 5.5m can be extractor.
So u need to buy 12 Skill Extractor first and get 12 Large injectors.
you can check those price in market and calcute the trading tax(without skill is 8%), you will get around 5.5B finally.

7b offer
And the character will live on, not end up as a corpse :slight_smile:

Gonna sleep for the next 7h, gonna check the offers after a good sleep.

I want the pilot :slight_smile:

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Sorry I forget to calcute there is also a transfer fee $20usd to sell your character. So u can add on around 3B from the price if what you make skill injectors and sell around 5.5B as total around 8.5B if you do that.

How do I make a decision when you guys keep bidding it up? One keeps saying the last offer and keeps biding it up and the other guy just keeps going higher.

I don’t want to pay cash for skill extractors as I want to use my cash for gameplay time.

If you can meet me at 9 billion? I will sell the alt now. I don’t think 500m will break the deal here.

I’m not going to 9. And the other guy did not offer 8,5, he was just explaining the process that would involve like 50 bucks to get more out of it. My offer stands at 7. Fair price.

For some reason it updated with more skill points?

Total Skillpoints: 12,832,689
Unallocated Skillpoints: 0
Total Skillpoints: 12,832,689

Alt has been sold to person in game and we can closed this out was sold for 9b. thanks!


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