Wts 55m sp fleet supporter/production/mining alt

I am here to sell my alt pilot. Please have a look on her skills

My skill sheet

Character created back in 2014.
Security status 0
2 Bonus remaps available
No kill rights, no jump clones, no worthy implants
Empty hangar same as wallet (just few ml into in)
Pilot moved to npc corp as selling rules require

BO: 45bil ISK

bump bump

32B o7

34B offer

35b offer

Still low with me, I can go down to 40 bil

That is too high for me unfortunately.

67% Magic 14 trained, a bunch of skills such as ships and scanning that I will not need for it’s use-case and your price being higher than what the character would be worth if someone just extracted SP and sold LSI’s.

Best of luck

what are you talking about? it is extraction worth is at least 40 bil

Bo reduced: 38 bil!

38 bil bo here


Cash transferred and data sent

thank you, transfer started.

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