WTS 41m + sp all around (scanner,miner,cov ops,recon,pve pilot)

WTS 41m + sp all around (scanner,cov ops,recon,pve ishtar,tengu,golem + t2 missiles,drones etc pilot)

as the title reads,i’m selling myself , all around alt pilot with various skills in many fields,including very close to flying golem or simply inject the existent skillpoint.


not sure what is worth so i’ll ask a 40b isk to begin with

NPC corp
positive ISK balance
no Kill rights
Located in high sec / Jita 4-4


25B offer

literally lower than if i extract skillpoints and sell on market :slight_smile: try again

30b offer

31b offer

prove it. or even better,let ccp prove it :slight_smile:

31b offer

33B offer

34b offer


I may be interested. Was hoping for max scanning but can train the last of them.


I withdraw my offer.

will consider, thank you!

35Bn Offer

38Bn Offer


Isk sent and account name to transfer to sent via in-game email

transfer initiated. thx,enjoy

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