[WTS] 41mil Pilot

Selling PVP-PVE character with 41 mil SP

Carrier Ready.

Incursions Ready

No killrights.

Remap available now.

Pasword: Open

Account Expires
02 November 2017 - 12:23 Omega active

Starting Price 31

LMAO!!! at most you’ll get only 35bil for that char… good luck with your starting price of 47bil.

Start the offerts. Im new to this kinda stuff

30bil isk ready now if you wanna sell

I do not sell without at least 37b.

muahahhahaha, good luck… enjoy the endless wait

Mate you need to write Eveboard Password!

I have alot of chars to play so… i wait. Good luck

Ok mate, some things:

  1. you MUST be in an NPC corp if you want to sell this char
  2. I see that you are RO, nice, my girlfriend too is RO! Salut!
  3. TBH mate, you can’t get what you ask because is really too much, i’m telling you as a friend, I think a friend of mine can be interested if you think at asking less.

How much your friend want to pay for it?


29Billion offer. Valid 48hrs.

30b now

30 bil, ready now

I seend you conversation in Game

Bid Accepted

Sending ISK and account information now.

Transfer Done

Confirmed by CCP. Thanks, Fantoma!

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