WTS 46mil pvp/pve Toon


B/O : 38bil

start MIN bid : 36bil.

if you want to buy this , i’ll quit corp.

Good Drone skill to ratting and pvp

Good ship skills

Also my toon has positive wallet

Not a mission runner, that’s for sure :smiley:

36 billion.

ok but can you wait for just 24hours?

ah i didn’t tell this. This toon has good standing for Nurtura corp. this corp’s agents are in Isseras , and you can meet two 4lv mission agents.

Sure, I can wait. Please tell me you will be docked in High Sec :smile:

37 bil

I’m ready. Send Isk to “Vrzua” <- this char. and tell me ur ID with e-mail. my e-mail adress is mack4ford@gmail.com

I’m not home now.

Nothing out of the game, sorry. What if someone sends you an email before me, with another account name? :smiley:

And I can only send the ISK to the character I am buying, according to the rules.

hmm okay then send isk to this char. these are my same account chars, but if it is a rule, i have to follow.

Send me isk and email me plz :smiley:

ISK and account name sent via ingame mail.

Apologies for the drag but just following the rules laid out.

Done!. Now transfer started. Thank you for good trade. And Hope your safe fly. Good night!

Will be completed after: 1/19/2018 11:20:09 PM

Transfer email received. Thanks and fly safe.

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