WTS 42,2m Pilot

Hello ladies and gents looking to sell this toon
toon is high Sec /positive wallet

Skillboard: [https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/TimBauer)

Start: 30b

Hi, I like your toon, 35b BO

let me know…


36.5 bil

37 bil

38 bil BO, online now

40 B/O and i sold them

Ok 40 bil BO

Send the isk and account name and i send it

B/O to Punchy McF1st

Isk and account name sent

got isk and accname i will send the char have fun whit TimBauer

thanks, Ill post here once the transfer is complete.

create a support ticket to transfer
will look in few hours and hope it goes fast

I have yet to receive a notification of transfer, is there an issue?

I have create a Support ticket and hope they will help us fast

thanks so much, character received, guess I was a little too paranoid about being scammed.


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