Aweome pilot 96 ml SP + 4 ml unallocated (piece of history, born in 2003)

(Binty) #1 Pls become familiar with the skills, no wasted skills and 4 m unallocated points

Positive sec.status (5.0)
Positive wallet (100 ml)
Now in npc corp in high sec
1 Jump Clone available

Please give me offers, if I find it decent enough, I ll accept the bid.

(The Durantis) #2

lets start at 35b

(Binty) #3

no less than 65

(Gattanera) #4

65 bil

(Binty) #5

b/o is 70 bil

(Binty) #6

daily bump

(Binty) #7

Anyone want to make a higher bid?

(The Durantis) #8

convo me in game. lets discuss

(The Durantis) #9

67.5b b/o offered

(Binty) #10

still for sale, 69.5 bil ready to go

(Sertendeth Hellspawn) #11

60b isk in hand

(The Durantis) #12

agreed to 63.5 b isk sent. in game . account being mailed.

(Binty) #13

going to start the transfer

(The Durantis) #14

NO. you are not going to start the transfer, you are going to refund me, and you are going to be banned, he tried to sell me this character to me and to my alt. after 1 paid. he wanted my other character to pay him 1b less than the other. i have screen shots of him accepting the sale and isk. and then afterwards trying to get less isk. from another character of mine he didnt know i owned. I’m thinking of opening a petition and submitting my proof. you better open a convvo with me in the game NOW unless you want your Binty banned instead of sold.

(The Durantis) #15

open a convo with me with Binty or your alt. you have 1 hour before i open a petition. If you want to lose your character and 63.5b isk. be my guest

(ISD Aurvandil) #16

(ISD Aurvandil) #17

Please file a petition.

I’ll also close this thread.