WTS Highly specialized Tengu toon (including level 4 agents) 7 mill sp

(Sam0ri) #1

Hi guys I sell this char http://eveboard.com/pilot/Sam0ri

http://www.eve-appraiser.com. says 6 bill net worth but I have no idea how accurate that is for information contact me :slight_smile:

I would be happy for any offers :)!

(Arielle en Distel) #2

Offer: 1.5B

(Sam0ri) #3

Well that is 1 month training Time. Or with other words just covers the character transfer costs which i have to Pay so i have to Refuse that offer

(Sam0ri) #4

Toon still for sale

(Sam0ri) #5

Toon still for Sale

(Madam Bazaar) #6

3 Bil

(Sam0ri) #7

Hi madam thy for the interest :slight_smile: since i Pay transfer i Really would like to see at least 4 bill for the toon

(Sam0ri) #8

toon is still for sale

(Daniel Lynch) #9

4.5 bil

(Sam0ri) #10

Ok :slight_smile: we can do that. Write me your acc information ingame and send me the Money. I will Start the transfer tomorrow. In approx 12 hours. If Money is There till then

(Daniel Lynch) #11

Isk and account sent

(Sam0ri) #12

It says either cannot find the account or the account is inactive. pls recheck the name you send me and if your account has a valid omega subscription

(Daniel Lynch) #13

Char received