Buying All Toons at the best prices INSTANT ISK πŸ’΅


(Limited Liability) #1

Post here or eve mail me with your eveboard and any offers you have received so far.

I will tell you my price and if you agree I will be available for instant payouts :dollar::dollar:

Full disclosure this is to build an SP farm so I have very little interest in specialisations, age of char, names, specific skills ect.

(QueenOfEast) #2

Pc for myself

(Limited Liability) #3

mail sent for your confidentiality

(IChooseYou) #4

lol ?

(Glock Uta) #5

i’m selling my self WTS 5m sp pilot

(Limited Liability) #6

3.25 bill

(Glock Uta) #7

Ok lets go do that, send isk and account name by mail plz

(Limited Liability) #8

isk and account details sent

(acidxero) #9

Please make an offer on my 2008 toon.
Pw 4321

(Limited Liability) #10

as noted age of toon means very little to me and so all I can offer you in 200 million isk for this toon

(acidxero) #11

Sorry not even enough to pay for transfer.

(Zannder) #12

Im for sale.

(Andy Peeze) #13

I am for sale.

(Limited Liability) #14

2.5 bill for zannder

(Limited Liability) #15

2.35 bill for andy peeze

(Limited Liability) #16

daily bump

(Heleneti) #17

Hey mate, selling two level five mission pullers
WTS 2x Gallente Level 5 pullers online now if you wanna talk :slight_smile:

(Miriana 'Trauma' Dallocort) #18β€˜Trauma’_Dallocort

selling myself. would you happen to have offer? very close to 5,5m sp for retrieval

(Jaquo Starr) #19

(Limited Liability) #20

2.5 for Miriana