Buying ALL Toons INSTANT ISK πŸ’΅

Post here or eve mail me with your skill sheet and any offers you have received so far.

I will tell you my price and if you agree I will be available for instant payouts :dollar::dollar:

make my day m8! Character Sheet

1,5 bill for a basic charachter

You do realize that doesn’t even cover the cost to transfer the character… right?

You are a rich man you are welcome to make a better offer

I have no interest in the character, but im just pointing out that no reasonable person would sell you any character at that price. It would guaranteed be an isk/cash negative sale for them.

sorrry replied to the wrong post. 32 Billion for that toon

Conrad Stonebanks Skill & Standings Sheet (

130billion for Elemiah

18 Billion for conrad


Looking for 21b at least if possible or slightly higher.

make it 145 and you have a deal

Sorry best I can do is 18

Best i can do is 133

I can come down to 142 which is essentially like giving you a free set of high-grade crystals/Nirvana.

3.5 bill for the basic toon.

Also bump