WTB cyno charactor

As title.

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I have one with approximately 12m SP. What’s your budget?

Here is a low SP one
https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Old_Miner3 tell if interested


Ballpark how much?

Hey! Im in BRAVE. Sorry to see you guys go…

Whats your price for this character?

Let’s say 8b as a starting point. :slight_smile:


Can you post its location, NPC corp, wallet status etc?

If we can meet in the middle, at 7b, then I’ll go ahead and post it by the rules with all the CCP-required info.

Sorry I was tied up, but now am free and at home.
To answer your three questions, this toon is located in Amarr, in NPC corp Caldari Provisions, and has a positive wallet. No clones. Next remap in 7/2020. One bonus remap avail now.

My original plan was to wait until the Chilling Spree was done, so not in a hurry. Presuming you’re in a different TZ, I’ll wait until tomorrow to see if you are still interested.

Buy my auction out for 5.5

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