Looking to start new. Selling my old self


Indy toon. I know what it’s worth so no low balls please. Serious buyers only. Make me an offer.

You are missing some stuff needed to sell your toon. All of which can be found in the character bazaar rules.

Good luck with your sale.

6B pending the sale post being fixed

6.5B, Likewise pending confirmation all CCP rules and requirements met.

7bil buyout offer

7.5B pending confirmation of meeting CCP rules

8 bil

Hey guys I’m not entirely sure what I’m supposed to put. I’m sure its in an NPC Corp be cause I haven’t played on it in awhile. If not I will fix when I get home. The eveboard may be old but the skill points are most likely the same. Again haven’t played on it in forever. What more do I need? Thanks!

just make sure it’s in an npc corp and has positive wallet balance.

I will log on today to make sure. Sire both are positive.


10.5 bil, my final offer


This should help:

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