No longer for sale - WTS 41.8M skillpoint Character

Hi All - I am looking to downsize my character inventory so am looking to sell this particular toon, he is located in hi-sec currently and comes with no jump clones, kill rights or other assets, his wallet will be 0 ISK also.

EveSkillboard - Scanera Nambo

I’m thinking offers around the 30B mark - should make it a cheap toon for someone?

30b/o lasts for 3 hours

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OK that’s fantastic, I need to do tea for the family but should be able to do the transfer in the next hour

In fact give me a few mins and I’ll setup my laptop

I am online and have tried to message you

Sorry guys I have just realised that character transfer costs RL money… withdrawing this character. Apologies for wasting your time.

well i still want to buy it now

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