Character bought

bump - still looking.

Willing to take offers on this guy.

Thanks for your reply. Does the character have a positive isk wallet? Anything else I need to take into account? If not - I’d like to offer you 27b.

No negative wallet or messed up standings. Positive sec status.

Also skills trained for Rorqual and Gallente Jump freights.

I counter with 33B.

Thanks for your offer. The character does have good skills, mostly the ones I’ve been looking for. Though the name of the character, with all respect, isn’t top notch. Meeting in the middle of our offers (30b) is a bit too high. How does 28.5b sound?

I could make about 30B just stripping the toon

According to my calculations that would make you about 23-25b. Please do correct me if I’m wrong.
(800m per 1m sp: 34 million - 5 million = 29 * 800 = 23.2)

Yep, I’m retarded and was doing math wrong.

Does this mean we have a deal?

still looking

still looking

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