(Alen JD) #1

No kills/No Pods
Default Corp
Super focused mining
Handsome and good name!
Has a Retriever! with as turn key operation. Start mining today!
no kill rites etc

Offers ? I’m looking for a good one!
I’m on for about 5Hours , ASAP ISK IN hand Please!

(Genghis Dong) #2

6 B …


6.5B I bid for him

(Alen JD) #4

Getting Warmer! He has a lot going for him! You all can do better , industry , PI, hes got good talents!


Last quotation 7B

(Alen JD) #6

Hmm … Leap to 9.5B and Ill sell . Others sell for about he same … I don’t want to let him go for too low. Can you get there ?

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #7

FYI, ship is not apart of character sale.
also, where is the character located?

(Rin batterfly) #8

Not very focused at all for a miner, 230k or more wasted skill points, id only offer a low 5b cause it requires a lot more work to be even close to focused miner

(Alen JD) #9

230 k is less then an alpha booster only. It would not take much SP to do what you want with him. Also he is in “Vay” Factory there. High Sec.
I will be back in a few hours if I get no higher bids then the 7B Ill award it to BIBIBIBIBIBI RI if he still wants it.

Good Luck!

(Genghis Dong) #10


(Alen JD) #11

Its warm but I really want 10 B… Others here are selling for way less skills and they are not nearly as good and they are averaging 10B. I mean for instance a PI character is selling for more then 10B and they don’t even have scanning . lol So yeah 10 Bill is a good price get close to that and ill let him go. Im ready to transfer now .

(Alen JD) #12


(ISD Dorrim Barstorlode) #13

Keep bumps to once per 24 hours please. Thank you.

(Alen JD) #14

Yes Sir! Time noted!

(Genghis Dong) #15

Cant do it, Retract

(Alen JD) #16

:(… Thanks

(Alen JD) #17

Most recent bid is 7B