WTS - 56millSP MIner / Starter PvP Char

I am Looking to Sell myself - see some info below.

Check skills here

As you can see - a well rounded Character - with most, if not all essential skills trained to level 5 (AWU5 etc) as well as having a clear path. He can make ISK as a miner + builder as well as providing a foundation of skills to quickly get into PvP doctrines / ship fits.

Has 1 Yearly and 2 Bonus remaps available.

I will abide by ALL rules of the Character Bazaar. ISK is positive, character is in Caslemon atm (highsec) and I have just removed him from Corp (it may take a while to update but he is in an NPC corp without a doubt).

I will pay transfer fee and all that good stuff!

The Auction will run from now until Friday 26th - even if a BUYOUT offer is accepted due to that being good old payday!

Start bid - 35bill - buyout - North of 44bill.


I can offer 33b

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Good start , lets get this up to 38+ ;D <3

Offer for 34b

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Nice - this will run till tomorrow - and the highest bidder wins!

Retracting. Sry underestimated the amount of indy stuff in this one.

Fair young man - back in the banger or ill just extract and sell.

Looking for any more bids? :slight_smile:

I havent hit my start bid - so withdrawing auction.

What about 34b ?

hm - ok we can split the difference - Send ISK and account name and ill start transfer asap

Sending ISK and account info.

Thx you

Excellent :slight_smile:

ISK Recieved - character transfer process begins.

Mail received. Thx you Sir

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