WTS 24M Miner Character with other assorted skills

Looking to sell my mining character. It is close to flying a roqual and has a number of other skills.


@Aask3 I am looking to sell. Not sure the going rate. Would love to talk more and make a deal.

How much are you looking for?

if u can do 9.5 bill we have a deal … can transfer now

We can do that, I’ll be around today if you would like to complete the sale. I’ll be watching the add to see when your online…let me know

Sounds like a plan…Isk sent to Marcos Blackthorn and I have eve mailed the account name to that account and Gina that I need him transferred too, please confirm in this thread when you’ve received the isk and transfer is initiated. Thank you!!

Wait i am buying haha!

oh well frigging wonderful…I was under the impression that you were an alt of Marcos. @Marcos_Blackthorn I’ve already sent you 9.5B isk please contact me as soon as your online so we can fix this appropriately without CCP staff involvement

@Princessa_Tracy @Gina_Tonic @Aask3
I will send the isk back.
How about 12b? Let me know, definitely willing to negotiate to make a deal.

@Marcos_Blackthorn --Check your eve mail please

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I replied to your mail

10 bill offer

11 billion offer

Current highest offer is 11b.
@Gina_Tonic Counter?