Hello - I am for sale. Mining alt


Please bid on me : https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/ilpureli

PW is 123

  1. Positive balance
  2. No kill rights
  3. No jump clones
  4. Hisec

Hi I offer 1.35b for him. As there alot of wasted skills and don’t have all. The mining skills

ill offer 1.36b offer as its true wasted skills

2,5b it a good char… exhumer 5 all fine

3 bil offered

3.2 bill offered

4 bil B/O

4.5 b bid

Will leave bidding up for a few more hours. Will go to highest bidder, or 5b buyout.


4.7b bid

Sold to Ktown. Please send isk, sorry was tied up with work all day. Heading to sleep now but will check in the morning.


sorry just saw post sending isk now
apologize for delay

Isk sent 4.7 B


ISK received. Transferred to requested account.


Awesome thank you very much. fly safe

Pilot received, thank you very much Fly safe

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