SOLD Miner pilot with 9.4 Mil SP

Ni kill rights
positive wallet
At this point in High sec

Starting bid 4 Bil
B/O 6 Bil
All the process bellow the starting bid will be not taken into consideration

Thank You
Demiurg COrnelius


Ty for the price mate

4 bil

4.1b although need to post with character saying it’s for sale.

thank you for the post I’ll be taking it into consideration

is this still for sale also do you have more exumer pilots?

Yes is still for sale… Just sold the last other one

how much?

B/O is 6 bil

ok i am at work for the next 4 hours will debate it.

daily bump

I offer 5B

5.5B b/o

5.7 Bil B/O

6B B/O

B/O reached by No_Ketchup
I will accept your offer. Thank you to all the guys that participated.
Please send me the info via In-game mail and transfer de ISK.

Demiurg COrnelius

isk and info sent

Isk received, Transfer in progress

Character transferred
Enjoy him