SOLD WTS 6.5m SP Exhumer Pilot

Positive wallet
No kill rights
0.0 clone with +3 set and Yeti 3% ice miner implant
Jita +3 set with yeti 3% ice miner implant clone
Positive standing

Starting at 5b

BO 7b

5 b offer

5.5billion isk offer

5.5b noted, B/O lowered to 6b.


i can do 6billion, you online in about 2hours?

nvm, withdrawing offers i found another option

Will end in 24h.


Final bump! Char will sell

6bill B/O online now

Deal, I’m online as well

Isk sent and in-game mail stating character to send the character too.

Character Name: Isis Ishi

Will be completed after: 4/5/2018 11:17:42 AM


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