WTS Ishtar/Proteus 5.5mil sp

(Ishtar Specialist) #1


5.5m sp

Positive Wallet
No Killrights
Located in Jita-4
NPC corp
No jump clones

Recently bought, but had a change of heart.
I paid 5bil so I would like at least that. Therefor offers less than 5bil will be considered a bump.

Start - 5b
Will run for 24 hours unless an interesting Buyout is offered.

Thank you

(Lio Red) #2

i can give you 5b but not more, also i will need to clear a slot if you accept so that will be some extra hours, but i can send the isk immediately

(Phalanx Formation) #3

is this still current?

(XShadow4X Coors) #4

5B bid isk ready slots open :wink:

(Lio Red) #5

5,5b ready if you wanna do this

(Just For Chill) #6

6b b/o right now

(Ishtar Specialist) #7

@Just_For_Chill I accept. Send ISK and EVEmail account name. Online now

(Just For Chill) #8

isk and acc info sent

(Ishtar Specialist) #9

Transfer started. Did you get the mail?

(Just For Chill) #10

receive mail

(Ishtar Specialist) #11

Okay great! Thank you

(system) #12

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