Wts ishtar pilot 8m sp

eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Ishtar_Specialist

Good drone skills
can fly ishtar well for missioning/ratting
Im in no rush to sell so highest bid wins

Located in jita
positive wallted
no jump clones
0.0 sec status

2.1b wat u think?

i would think the b/o should atleast cover a plex.

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can we contact in game?

wouldnt let me contact u in game. my offer is of 3.1b

emailed you in game

4.0 bill

4.5 bil

5.0 bil

5.3 bil

5.5 bill

5.5b bid is accepted, waiting for isk and account info.

Will be home from work in 20 mins

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Isk and info sent

isk and account name sent. Transfering char now.

01 Apr 2018 09:44

EVE Character transfer

Nooo, ill could go 8b on this toon(

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