WTS Focused Ishtar Ratting Pilot 12M SP

(Moromoto Musashi) #1

Focused Ishtar Pilot with T2 Heavy and Light Drones.

EVEBOARD, pw: 1234

  • 5.0 Sec Status
  • Proteus skills
  • Positive wallet
  • 2 available remaps
  • 100k unallocated SP

Starting bid: 8B
Buyout: 10B

The auction will run for 72 hours starting on first bid, unless buyout is offered.

(Highness Hakaari) #2

8BIL But im lookin to buy soon and will one today

(ISD Chanisa Nemes) #3

Your Eveboard is password protected. Please provide the password or the thread will be closed.


9 bil

(Moromoto Musashi) #5


2 more days

(Moromoto Musashi) #6

last bump before auction end

(Moromoto Musashi) #7

Looks like you’re the winner. Please send money and account info and I’ll ticket the transfer.


isk and account info sent

(Moromoto Musashi) #9

Character transfer ticket submitted. Thank you for purchase.


what time is the transfer?

(Moromoto Musashi) #11

Still waiting for GM response, which is weird because I also started another transfer on the same day and it has already been taken care of. Sorry for the delay.

(system) #12

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