WTS Focused Ishtar Ratting Pilot 12M SP

Focused Ishtar Pilot with T2 Heavy and Light Drones.

EVEBOARD, pw: 1234

  • 5.0 Sec Status
  • Proteus skills
  • Positive wallet
  • 2 available remaps
  • 100k unallocated SP

Starting bid: 8B
Buyout: 10B

The auction will run for 72 hours starting on first bid, unless buyout is offered.

8BIL But im lookin to buy soon and will one today

Your Eveboard is password protected. Please provide the password or the thread will be closed.

9 bil


2 more days

last bump before auction end

Looks like you’re the winner. Please send money and account info and I’ll ticket the transfer.

isk and account info sent

Character transfer ticket submitted. Thank you for purchase.

what time is the transfer?

Still waiting for GM response, which is weird because I also started another transfer on the same day and it has already been taken care of. Sorry for the delay.

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