WTS pilot 44m SP

Hello, im for sale here
Good simple name
Location: jita 4-4
Positive wallet
No killrights
Bonus remap available: 2
Security status: 2.26
306 920 SP free

Rattlesnake crusie ready
Nightmare incursions ready
Ishtar drones ready
Proteus ready
Battlecruisers/Command BC Eos/Astarte ready
Maradeurs beginnig

starting bid 35b
b/o 43b

all CCP rules apply

34 bil

unprofitable. sell on skillpoint better

35 Billion ISK B/O ISK READY!

so - 35b
or b/o bid offer?

i see. so if nobody did not show interest, we can start tranfer procedure

yes, bid accept. waiting ISK and ingame mail with account detail

ok, one min to consolidate isk

ISK and account info sent

ISK acccept, starting transfer to account from ingame mail

starting transfer procedure. 10h delay. please let me know, when it done

ok, thanks

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