WTS Ishtar PvE character


Positive Wallet
Positive SS
Ready in High-sec./NPC corp.

Gallente Destroyer V
Gallente Cruiser V
Light | Medium | Heavy Drone Operation V
Drone Interfacing V
Good Engineering and Shield skills

Starting Bid: 10B
B/O: 13B

7B quotation TY

No thanks

9b? For 24h only!

No thanks

Hey, 9.5b offer.

I know you want more however yhe character has around 10-11m skill points with part of it not usefull for farming in Ishtar (Ishtar being armor tank not Shield).

I think it is a fair offer considering this and the fact another ishtar/proteus with 22mil sp got sold 18b earlier today.

Offer Valid 24h

Thank you for your bid. But I expect more.

bump 1

Offer 10b if still not sold

bump now

10.5 B for you

send acc info and isk

11b keep it for 48 hours

cash sent and account info sent

I got everything. I’m starting the transfer

haven’t got my character, what’s the problem, bro?

Hi. CCP has problems. I am from Russia and in order to transfer the character, I have to confirm the transfer through a petition. I sold 4 characters last month, everything was fast. They are working slowly this time. I think they will answer me within a few hours. Sorry for the inconvenience. I’m surprised it took so long.

Never minda!

anything more reply from ccp?

They answered. Everything is ready! Please check and write to me