WTS Ishtar PvE pilot


Positive Wallet
Positive SS
Ready in High-sec./NPC corp.

Gallente Destroyer V
Gallente Cruiser V
Light | Medium | Heavy Drone Operation V
Drone Interfacing V
Good Engineering and Shield skills

Starting Bid: 10B
B/O: 13B


Add more and we’ll agree :slight_smile:

So i made few calculations:
Starting char have 400m xp + 1m bonus
10.9m - 1.4 = 9.5=20 skill injectors = 16,8B
but u can train up to 5m sp (6 with bonus) so its only 10 skill injectors (8.4B)
Extraction income is 11 *400m = 4.4B
so i’m canceling my offer

Send ISK and Acc info

(post deleted by author)

the deal is canceled

You forgot to mention one little detail… It will take 5-6 months lol. And having bought a character, you will start earning now. And you will earn much more ISK. You have problems with math… or with logic.

7B quotation

No thanks

Bump now

Bump 2

As we can see on offers after my post on both ishtar sales and on your price change my logic is good. I think that 9B is max price for this.

it’s not an offer…

Not interested, you need more money. Dig it up and come back.

Agreed, 700-800mil / 1m SP. Here we are way above that.

9B keep it for 24 hours

offer 10b