WTS: WTS 14.8m SP Ishtar and Jaguar

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Gallente Cruiser LV5
Minmatar Frigate LV5
Assault Frigates LV5
Heavy Drone Operation LV5

Total SP 14,817,825 Skillpoints
Unallocated SP 189,938 Skillpoints

Located will in Jita 4-4
Positive wallet balance
In NPC corp
No kill right
No jump clone

Starting at 10b
B/O 15b

up up up

6b BO

No , thanks for your free bump.

up up up!

Curent extractor price - 570. Injector - 860. So 290 mil. per 500k SP. You have (14,8 - 5)/0.5=19 Skill extractions. Lets round it up to 20. That is 20*0.29=5.8 billion. Even if the buyer is willing to split the cost of the transfer fee, that amouts to 7 bil. at most. Sorry, bub, but your char is not even close in worth to your starting price.

I have to bear the transfer cost. If it is too low, I would rather not sell it. At least my initial price is much more cost-effective than building and training a new role.

I would rather sell him to a farmer than to a crafty skill dealer.

Character continues to sell, please state your reasonable price.

I mean I am looking for an alt so the SP valuation doesn’t need to be perfect;. It just doesn’t have very good navigation skills which is pretty important for a cap stable ish in null.

Maybe, but as long as you are alert enough, the threat is only a threat, and he will not brew an accident.

10Bil offer


If there is no higher bid, I will pass the transaction after 24 hours .

Pass transaction , Please send your isk and account name.

meathalo,please send mail to me in game,then i will pay isk

Mail was sent by me

isk was sent

have u received isk?

I’m sorry that I was infected with COVID-19. I slept very early yesterday. I’m on my way to jita now. When I arrive at jita, I will start to transfer characters.