Canceling sale- please close

20 mil sp, 2.2m unallocated.
Caldari and Gallante Cruisers V

Lowball offers will more than likely get trolled in return.


Ishtar and mining?LOL

You are not even a good troll, 1 m sp in a few random skills. Did I say PURE ISHTAR pilot?





still for sale ? 12B offer

15B accepted, send isk and account information. Note that I am traveling for work, so it may take me a day or so by the time I get back to the computer.

sorry with some uncontrollable reason i have to withdraw my offer

just needs alittle more in drones and it be a nice toon :slight_smile: heavy drones being one :slight_smile: but its the start of a nice ishtar pilot

Yea, its a bit short, but a few skill injectors or a month of two of specialized training could get him pretty well in any of the mentioned ships.

I offer 13b. Many skills are missing or are wasted. Your char is a good ishtar starter

15bil now?

20m plus 2.2 unallocated, someone give me a good offer.


14b b/o

15b, isk ready now

back in the game, bumping to check for interest.