15B isk ready

Thanks for your interest Spartan, but as expressed, I will accept nothing less than 20b.

not really an auction then, is it?
And ye didn’t say “wont take less than 20b” just that we could B/O at 20.
Please edit the details of this “Auction”

17 bil b/o

Thanks. If you make it 20b it’s yours.

Friendly bump. 24 left to go. Please.

I see you are ex FCON member. Just join Goons they will let your rat in peace and have a super umbrella to protect you.
It’s sad seeing players leave but if they were carebears…meh

19bil b/o

Thread has been updated and price since I didn’t included gal carrier 2

I really want this sell before DT guys, 20b its the minimum to ask. Help me get a fresh start.

19,5 Bil ISK ready

Thanks. But if you really want it throw me 21b and account id. I really don’t want to plex it after tomorrow dt.

20 B/O

Thanks popo send isk and account id ans will start the process.

ok i will pm you in game

ISK and info sent ingame

Thanks Popo. Will confirm as soon as I get home. In the meantime unless anyone else its interested mail me with
Account id and isk.

10 hours now,still not transfer char.:roll_eyes:

Sorry for the late reply. After dtt will go online and start process if you still interested. Once very sorry.