retracted, bought something else ---------

27.5 Bil

retracted -----

thanks on offers, Ill give it 4 more hours and then selling to whoever bids more

last hour, current best bid is Faith Lee

no response from anyone :)) auction ongoing

n/a, found something else

23b ready now

back to top until char gets sold or reg time runs out

I’ll take you for 25b :slight_smile:

Should probably move your char to NPC corp as per bazzar rules.

27.5bil ready now

A little less price pushing thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve given a ingame offer

28 bil

avallah, accepted, please send isk and acct details where I am supposed to transfer

I need AN hour to sort RL stuff than can log in.

29 if you wanna accept my offer instead.

Isk & ■■■■ ready

Avallah said 1 hour, its been over an hour so no show

Monarc, accepted 29b, log in send iskies and account name where to transfer