Sold please close

sold please close

25b offer

25.5b offer

Will not go below 30 bil ISK, I have absolutely no need to get rid of this character in a hurry.
So if you plan to bid below that, move on and forget you ever saw this character ad.

Up we go.




Up we go.


will offer you 30b buyout

30.5b buyout

31b buyout

Edited due to error. Life tap was first with 30bil bid.

thats new lol i bid higher and you dont accept

Just being fair, mate.

If the first buyer pulls out of the deal, I’ll offer the same it to the next one for 30bil as I promised a fixed price to the first bidder with the ISK.

i dont have a prob paying 31b right now and im sure i out bid him to 30b first maybe wrong but sure i did

the post he removed was below 30b i kept over bidding him lol

I have no clue as people keep editing.

Right now with the edits you are the first with 30 bil… I’m a bit confused.

because i bit 30b first

not him