Sold please close

you can see i bid 30 and he bid 30.5and then i bid 31

let me know what you want to do now you have correct info

You are absolutely right, you were the first one with 30bil ISK, and like I said, fixed price to first bidder.

I edited the first post and will send mail to Jorn.

It’s yours if you transfer the ISK, in case Jorn decides to not read these posts and send ISK GM will have to deal with it and return his money, either way, last info is that @Life_Tap will buy the character for 30 Bil ISK, waiting for ISK transfer and mail with account name so it can be transferred.

Sorry about the confusion…

isk sent awating transfer

Starting character transfer now, in 10 hours it will be in your account.
Up to you to post here with this character after you have control over it to let others know it’s sold.


Yeah my bid was 29b buyout. Life Tap was first to bid 30b. :slight_smile:

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