Delete please

30 bill

33 bil

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Bump it up

bump for bids

If No other higher bids in 2h I will sell to you for bid amount of 33bil. I will be online approx 3 hr from now to finalize a sale and transfer. I am at work at the moment.

Online now

I will accept bid from Zazzel Blackthorn for 33bil I am online now ready to transfer after isk is sent, do you still want to buy the char?

I cannot reach the highest bidder so the char will go to the next highest bidder Corin Ginton

I am ready to start transfer now.

I am online now, just saw your msg.

Late :slight_smile:

Char transfer started

Character Transfer Received

Thanks a lot.

Thank you please close this thread after the 10h cool down have fun with her

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