Character Sold

Sold :kissing_heart:

64 billion


65.5 bil


Anyone else want to bid? Ill give till wednesday then the highest bid wins. :slight_smile:


Are u still interessed? would u be willing to go to 66B its a nice round number. :slight_smile:

I am still interested, my offer stands at 65.6b

66 bil



Is this character still for sale?

Yes the Character is still for Sale. I will contact u as soon as i get back from a Business Trip

Sold to Ren Ichinumi

Please send the isk and Transfer Info to this Char and will begin the Transfer

ISK and account name sent

Character is being Transfered

No character recieved as of yet, 14h after transfer supposedly started.

please check again it the character should be transfered now.

Character transfer complete

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