WTS 10.4milSP Pefect VNI/Ishtar Pilot/Alt

Selling Rebornus Pen

Gallente Cruiser V
Gallente Industrial V
Drones V
Heavy drones V
Drone interfacing V

Wallet - 1million isk
Positive sec status
No kill rights
No jump clones
Parked in Jita 4-4

Starting bid 7B
Buyout Offer me

6 bil

7bil buy out

8 bill buyout

Great offers not accepting one just yet, trying a little higher than that


9 bill


Will check this thread in 9 hours, lets see what i can get :slight_smile:

Bump *Will be accepting highest offer at the end of today 00:00 (Eve time)

Come on guys this is a great character, it will be more isk efficient for me to extract and sell him at 5.5mil sp for 9.5B that is already offered

Posting as above character to prove its real :smiley:

its a vni dude

And your point is? please dont try to hijack the thread or put your crappy comments on it if your not bidding you have no need to post here. As stated I WILL SELL TO HIGHEST BID AT 00:00 ET Today, whether that be Black 11 bid of 9.5B or higher

9.75 bill

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This character is sold to Hia Jez at 9.75billion. please can you respond in game to me with your Account info and when you are available to send the isk/recieve the character transfer. Thanks

ok will send the isks and account info in the next 8 hours or less. thank you

Not a problem, i will be online for the next 7 hours as soon as isk and account info is received i will post receipt of character transfer. Thanks

Hia Jez, how long till you send account info/isk?

Sorry been posting on wrong toon ^^, i am online and ready for isk transfer/cahracter transfer. Convo me ingame/mail account info and send isk