WTS 61mil SP Gallente Cap/Super Cap Pilot

Pass: 123456

Gal Carrier V and T2 fighters ready to use
Can use a T2 fitted Rev or Moros
In a high-grade super pod in Jita ready to go
Has Gal Tit and all Doomsday skills injected as well
Positive isk balance Located in HS
No Kill rights and 1.4+ Sec status
Bids starting at 50bil
(Has Calielle Neon Erebus skin as well)

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44b ok?

Im looking to get 50b or more.


50b is the lowest and I will start the transfer tonight if you want

50B, need an empty intrepid

empty intrepid? i will sell for 50b

yse,A fearless or C fearless

If agreed, the deal can go ahead

I do not understand. I will sell for 50bil to you now. Just transfer the isk and message me in game your information

Then my maximum bid is 48B

To low, selling for 50b or higher like i said earlier. Pilot is still for sale.

bumpin to the top

50b offer

Offer accepted. You can send the isk to this character in game. I am currently at work and can start the transfer when I get home in about 7 hours if you would like

Isk received. Transferring character when I get home from work. I am done at 5pm EST

Transfer email received. Thank you.

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