5.4m+ drained gallente/minmatar dread/carrier pilot. 50k unallocated SP

Plex sale, sitting in Jita 4-4
Past wormhole carrier pilot to roll dem holes.
1.0 sec status
5466512 SP, 50k unallocated SP
Next remap 9/22/19. Currently mapped intel/percep
Positive Isk Wallet.

Exoplanet on Algos/Navitas
Spectral shift on Astero

Hull upgrades/Mechanics 5
Fighters 4
Drones/Drone navigation/interfacing/sharpshooting 5
Leadership 5

skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Linux_Animal

Advanced Spaceship Command
Capital Ships
Gallente Carrier
Minmatar Carrier
minmatar dread
Capital Shield Operation
Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration
Capital Projectile Turret
Capital Autocannon Spec
Bomb deployment
Fighter Hanger Management
Fighters, Heavy Fighters, Light Fighters, Support Fighters

Starts at 5.2bil

Post here if interested, I dont check eve mail often.

hi. its male or female char?

Male character.



5.2 bid

Will sell to Immeral in 24h for 5.2b.

close enough to 24h.

Will sell to immeral for 5.2b :slight_smile:

please send me 5.2b isk and the account you’d like this character trajnsfered to.

past 24h.

Immeral can still buy, but pilot is still for sale.

wait 8h and im ready )

got it, its’ yours. Just post here when isk is sent :slight_smile:

acc info and isk sent

ticket made.

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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