WTS 51mil SP Gallente Subcap Pilot - SOLD

Well versed Gallente Sub-Cap Pilot


Password - 1234

• 51.8Mil SP
• 456k un-allocated SP
• 1 Remap + 1 Bonus Remap Available
• Positive Wallet-Docked in Jita-Positive Sec Status – No kill rights
• Great Kronos Pilot
• Great Drone Skills
• Level 5 in all Gallente subsystems
• Level 5 in Gallente BS, BC, Cruiser, Destroyer, Frigate, and Strategic Cruiser
• All Battlecruisers to Level 5
• All Destroyers to Level 5

Starting bid 35b.
Reserve hidden.
Buyout 52b.

This character will receive the isk and I will be paying the transfer fee.
I reserve the right to end the auction at any time and to accept or refuse any offer.

Auction ends - 09/25/2017 5:00PM Est (22:00 Eve Time)

35b offer.

Thanks for starting us off. Offer noted.

37bil buyout offer



40 bil



Thanks for all the interest.

Buyout set.

Still entertaining all offers, the closer to buyout the better.

Will be deciding in the next day or so.

42 bil

Bump for the night


43 bil

44 bil

Auction close set

09/25/2017 5:00PM Est (22:00 Eve Time)

Will consider final offer at this time.

Thank for all the offers.


Just 4 hours left, 45 bil buyout offer here. I’m online for the next 1 hour

Offer Accepted.

Please send isk and account info to Ulvein Elvenfighter have transfer process started.


ISK sent and account info sent via in-game message. Please let me know when transfer is started

Isk received and account info received. Transfer Started. Thanks!

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Ulvein Elvenfighter

Will be completed after: 9/26/2017 4:07:15 AM