WTA 29.4M SP Gallente Subcap PVP pilot


I had previously made a topic for this toon, but mainly was focused on price checking. I have decided to auction him after all.

Positive Wallet.
Located in Jita.
No killrights.
5.0 Security Standing.
Able to do Lvl 4 Caldari Missions.
Neural Remap available.

– 4.1 M SP in Drones
– Gallente Frigate, Cruiser, Battleship at lvl 5.
– T2 Hybrid Weapons and T2 medium projectiles.
– T2 Cruise missiles (For Navy Raven for LvL 4 missions, which I can leave fully fitted if you are planning to do so).
– Can fly Proteus.
– Decent Scanning skills.
– Formidable coreskills.

Starting Price : 21.5B.
Buyout : 25B

21.5 bil


I will end the auction in a week - 5th of January and will sell the character to the highest bidder if B/O is not met.

Bumpity. Lowered the buyout

23bill online now isk ready


25 Bil BO

BO accepted. Waiting for ISK and account name

ISK and account info sent

ISK received. The character has been transfered

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