WTA 29.4M SP Gallente Subcap PVP pilot

(Myung Chul) #1


I had previously made a topic for this toon, but mainly was focused on price checking. I have decided to auction him after all.

Positive Wallet.
Located in Jita.
No killrights.
5.0 Security Standing.
Able to do Lvl 4 Caldari Missions.
Neural Remap available.

– 4.1 M SP in Drones
– Gallente Frigate, Cruiser, Battleship at lvl 5.
– T2 Hybrid Weapons and T2 medium projectiles.
– T2 Cruise missiles (For Navy Raven for LvL 4 missions, which I can leave fully fitted if you are planning to do so).
– Can fly Proteus.
– Decent Scanning skills.
– Formidable coreskills.

Starting Price : 21.5B.
Buyout : 25B

(Maizie Fields) #2

21.5 bil

(Myung Chul) #3


I will end the auction in a week - 5th of January and will sell the character to the highest bidder if B/O is not met.

(Myung Chul) #4

Bumpity. Lowered the buyout

(Orcus Aurilen) #5

23bill online now isk ready

(Myung Chul) #6


(Violent Disposition) #7

25 Bil BO

(Myung Chul) #8

BO accepted. Waiting for ISK and account name

(Violent Disposition) #9

ISK and account info sent

(Myung Chul) #10

ISK received. The character has been transfered

(system) #11

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